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Michael McHenry MD is a husband, father, son, an international speaker, physician and now author of his first book LIFE SUPPORT. Michael was born on the South side of Chicago, Illinois to parents who were educators. He graduated from two Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Oakwood College (Chemistry) in Huntsville, Alabama and Meharry Medical College (Medical degree) in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. McHenry is board certified in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Lifestyle Medicine. He has practiced medicine for 25 years in various healthcare settings. Michael has provided care for thousands of patients during my career but each one has taught him many valuable lessons.

Dr. McHenry is passionate about providing care and support to people locally and abroad. He believes as a physician his job is to guide patient’s health care decisions and only rarely direct care.

He believes his calling is to help people make better choices regarding their health. Dr. Mchenry believes if we make simple shifts we can improve our healthspan and remain functional longer than we would ever imagine. I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus every day of my life. He is the CEO/Founder of NewHeart Lifestyle Medicine which provides services for individuals and groups in making lifestyle transformations.

He resides in Georgia, with his wife, Angela. They have three adult children, Mallory, Michael and Marguerite.

Recently named Atlantan Magazine Top Doctors 2024.

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Chapter I:

How Did I Get Here

“Nothing will happen if you stand by idly or just wish for it. A healthy lifestyle requires work, and no one is going to do it for you, but yourself.”

Unknown Author

We had to be up an hour earlier to finish the chore and make it to school on time. It’s also the only city outside Antarctica that doesn’t have snow days. We had to be up an hour earlier to finish the chore and make it to school on time. It’s also the only city outside Antarctica that doesn’t have snow days.

I grew up in the late 1960s in a predominantly Black community on the South Side of Chicago. The city of Chicago has been noted as one of the most segregated cities in the U.S. The neighborhood schools were okay but were never an option for our family’s longterm educational pursuits. I did go to the neighborhood school, Burnside Elementary, for kindergarten, and I boastfully said they didn’t have anything for me educationally, so I took my talents to the Shiloh Academy, about 30 minutes from our home.

I marvel at those who describe their neighborhood as “one big family.” That wasn’t my family’s story. My dad was quite conservative and protective, so we didn’t routinely socialize with people outside of church or school, where he was also a teacher. Because we didn’t spend much time playing outside, it was almost by osmosis that I also learned a lot about how our family prepared meals. Our home is where my first beliefs and habits surrounding food, work ethic, and faith became ingrained.

``Our DNA shapes the foundation of our story, but it is our choices that determine the chapters and how its unfolds.``

Dr. Michael McHenry is passionate about healthy, wholesome living that can be achieved with lifestyle changes including a plant- based diet, exercising, maintaining a deep meaningful relationship with God and family, enjoying nature and living life to the fullest. He is practical in living out these principles daily and does not miss an opportunity to share his health and faith journey with patients or his colleagues. His expertise on the subject matter is directly aligned to his life experiences therefore making his perspective, credible and authentic. As a former colleague, I can attest to his dedication and drive daily to achieve a healthy, consistent and balanced lifestyle. I believe this book, "Life Support" will offer readers the necessary steps needed to begin the process of change in every aspect of their lives. E

Esi Cudjoe, NP Nurse Practitioner

The wisdom of “Life Support” is that Dr. McHenry, through science and lived experience, guides readers to the most observable, most measurable, most controllable asset in healthcare, our lifestyle. Forgoing dependence on the healthcare industry and fads in pragmatic ways, he puts you, me, us back in the driver’s seat on the journey to living well. M

Mark Dawson Podcast Host, Parlay in all Blue

As an endurance athlete looking to gain a competitive edge and achieve maximum performance I find his personal dedication and perseverance to address challenges an inspiration to leading a more fufilling life. As a fellow medical colleague he displays true compassion in the care of his patients. It really shows in the favorable outcomes he is able to achieve in improving the health and well being of his patients. Y

Yong Lee, MD

Dr. McHenry is a compassionate physician and an even better human being. His unwavering commitment to serving his community and providing excellent patient care is a testament to his work ethic and resolve to enhance the lives of those around him. Driven, yet humble, Dr. McHenry is someone I've grown to admire deeply over the years. I have no doubt that this book will touch the lives of many. C

Christopher Alexander, MD

Dr. Michael McHenry has the unique ability of finding the intersection common ground of mind, body and spirit for each of his patients and colleagues. He is a generational talent and I am very confident you will find helpful insight(s) for whatever your season in life. M

Melvin R. Manning, MD

Dr. McHenry’s work with our church’s Health Ministries Dept. was meaningful because he helped many people to realize the connection between our physical health and our spiritual/emotional well-being. I can’t wait to read his book! He is truly an expert in what really makes a person whole. J

John S. Nixon, II, DMin Associate Director for Pastoral Ministries

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